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Rarely Decaf helps modern educators and community builders scale their impact without code.

Agency & Education

We offer hands-on no-code support to education startups and learning communities.

Along the way, we help entrepreneurs invest in their team members knowledge of no-code.

Product Studio

We quickly build and launch products without code. that make the business of education easier.

If there's an opportunity, invest in making the project more scalable by leveraging code.


Wes Wagner


Our story

Rarely Decaf was founded by Wes Wagner, an entrepreneur who has worked with education startups backed by some of the best entrepreneurs and investors in the industry, such as Y Combinator, General Catalyst, On Deck, Village Global, and the Transcend Network.

After realizing he could learn more outside of the traditional higher education system than within it, Wes became fascinated with the changing relationship between learning and work, and he's been working in and writing about it ever since.

In 2016, Wes discovered the power of no-code while creating his first startup in the space, Intask, a marketplace for intern-like projects. Since then, he's grown his no-code (and low-code) knowledge through working with early-stage startups.

Some of Wes' most notable work at the intersection of education and no-code includes...

Founder, Pactero (supported by Village Global)

This experience showed Wes that true innovation in education wasn't going to come from financial instruments, but by fundamentally changing our education structures. It also supercharged his abilities to quickly build and deploy products using minimal code.

After seeing how ISAs helped Microverse democratize access to opportunity, Wes started Pactero (formerly Align) to make it easy for other companies to launch and scale income share agreements (ISAs) in-house.

The company was supported by Village Global, an early stage venture capital firm backed by Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Abby Johnson, Magic Johnson, Anne Wojcicki & more.

Wes shut down the company after learning there wasn't a venture-scale market need to make launching ISAs easier for entrepreneurs. In hindsight, he realized that operationalizing ISAs *necessitates* innovation in educational models to democratize access to opportunity, but it isn't the innovation itself.

Head of Growth, Microverse (YC S19)

This experience showed Wes the potential of global ISAs and peer-to-peer education. It also offered a continued education on the power of no-code and low-code.

Wes was the first full-time employee at Microverse, a "Lambda School for the developing world"—a global, distributed school for software developers that doesn't charge students anything until they get hired—backed by Y Combinator, General Catalyst, and other top-tier investors from Silicon Valley.

At Microverse, there are no classes or physical classrooms. Instead, students learn through a very unique approach — by remote pair programming and collaborating with other students in real-time, just as they would with colleagues in a real company.

Thanks to peer-to-peer dynamics, Microverse's low cost per student allows the company to make an impact where no one else has can. The company has had full-time students in 100+ countries, thousands of applications from ~200 countries, and graduates from Nigeria to Mexico that increase their salary 3x on average.

During Wes' tenure, he balanced high-level strategy with scrappy execution to lead growth of new enrollments 22% MoM (on average) for 13 months as the company gained backing from Y Combinator, General Catalyst, and other top-tier investors from Silicon Valley.

Writer, Intask to Education

This was a catalyst to more deeply explore the changing relationship between learning and work, and his first dive into the power of no-code.

Intask was Wes' first business.

He launched it while in college and aimed to connect students to intern-like projects. He built an MVP, had businesses and students sign up, and won a pre-accelerator program, but ultimately, shut it down after realizing there was a bigger issue to tackle: education.

Following closing the business, Wes wrote a blog series called Intask to Education. You can read the original blog series here and read an updated summary through a series of tweets here.

Content and Analytics Lead, Cheddar

While not an education project, Wes' experience at Cheddar gave him deep expertise into the power of low-code and iterative pricing.

Cheddar is a usage-based billing platform that helps SaaS startups track customer activity, iterate their pricing, and optimize their revenue so developers can focus on building awesome products, not billing for them.

While not an education product, Wes learned more about the power of low-code (mostly JavaScript and APIs) as he led the team's analytics.

He also gained a keen ability to challenge business models and pricing structures as he led the company's conversation and community focused on iterative pricing.

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