We partner with established businesses to design and build custom software.

We partner with established, remote businesses to design, build, and iterate custom software in a fraction of the time as hiring a traditional development team. Think of us as your in-house product team.

— What we do —

🔍 I. Discovery

At Rarely Decaf, our first step is to dive deep into your business, map out processes, diagram logic, and grasp the inner workings of your operations. We collaborate with your leadership team to identify areas where custom software would deliver the highest ROI in the shortest amount of time. Our focus is determining what would make up a "minimum lovable product" or tool that adds value to your business without a lengthy development process.

🎨 II. Design

Our talented UX/UI designer and product managers works with you to envision and create the perfect custom software for your business. By using tools like Figma, we gather your feedback and fine-tune designs to ensure a seamless development process that aligns with your goals. Our transparent approach keeps you and your team in the loop every step of the way.

🛠️ III. Build

Our in-house developers, equipped with full-stack coding backgrounds, use state-of-the-art no-code and low-code tools to bring your custom software to life. Far from shoddy, quick MVPs, our team meticulously configures database architectures, builds secure APIs, and develops sophisticated front-ends. Rest assured that the tools we use are built upon time-tested, scalable technology. For the technical and curious, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Postgres, and Vue.js are really underneath the hood.

🤝 IV. Ongoing partnership

Rarely Decaf is not a one-and-done dev shop; we take pride in our ongoing relationships with clients. Acting as an "in-house product team", we're here to manage and fix any bugs, design and develop new features, and provide strategic product and technical planning as your business grows. Our goal is to become your indispensable, long-term partner.

— Our Toolkit —

We're able to build completely custom web applications in a fraction of the time and money as traditional development teams by using these scalable "low-code" platforms.

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